Cyber Security Awareness Training: 6 Reasons Why

Explore six reasons why every organization needs employee-based cyber security awareness training.

You are a savvy person. You know better than to leave your work computer password on a sticky note under your keyboard. You know that you should lock your work computer before getting up from your desk. And you definitely know better than to let a stranger follow you through a badge access entry point at the office.

But how confident are you that the rest of your organization would act as savvy as you would in any of those scenarios?

In this blog we will explore six reasons why every organization needs employee-based cyber security awareness training.

1. Hackers Gonna Hack

For every breach we pluck, it seems as though another three attacks grow in its place. The short of it is, cyber-crime is not going away any time soon.

As long as cyber-crime remains profitable for hackers, hackers are going to keep on hacking.

Technology continues to evolve and further entangle with our daily lives, cyber-crime also continues to evolve.

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2. A Layered Approach = A Secure Approach

An organization can have the best hardware and software in the world, a Terminator on the IT team and still be a vulnerable target for a cyber breach.

Why? Because one click is all it takes.

That’s right, one phishing email disguised as a company invoice, an adorable cat video, or an Amazon purchase confirmation is all it takes to compromise your entire network.

When training employees, you can help stop such scams. Not only does that reduce the risk of experiencing a breach, but also empowers employees to take action when they suspect something phishy.

3. #CultureGoals

Shifting the culture within an organization can be a difficult task. That said, when clear expectations are set around cyber security policies and all employees are educated on how to recognize threats, everyone plays a role in the defense of the organization.

Training employees on security best practices will help shape your organization into one where employees are your strongest line of defense.

4. Namaste

Remember when you would show up to class completely unprepared for that test? There is no worse feeling than feeling unprepared for the inevitable.

Unfortunately, that feeling isn’t limited to geography tests and carries with us throughout different aspects of our life.

Kapersky Labs published a study that showed 69 percent of people said they felt stressed by news of data breaches.

By training employees, you help to reduce the anxiety caused by cyber security uncertainly.

When employees feel “prepared for the test”, they can carry out their work with the confidence of knowing they are prepared to thwart whatever threat they may face.

5. 100% Customer Satisfaction

Suffering a data breach is enough to dissolve the confidence customers may have had in an organization.

It is enough to motivate clients to leave due to the lack of trust, and it is even enough to motivate some to pursue legal action to impose further damage to the organization.

Investing in cyber security training means customers can rest easy knowing that staff has been educated on threats, knowledgeable of security risks, and competent in handing and managing customer data.

6. Stay Profitable, Stay in Business

Experiencing a cyber-related incident can mean an organization is forced to close their doors.

A security breach is often expensive and can be detrimental for a business.

However, financial damage is only the beginning of a cyber incident. For example, damage to reputation, loss of clients, operational disruptions, lawsuits, theft of personally identifiable information (PII), compromised client data are also common.

Training is the least-costly yet most broadly cost-effective step that any organization can take when preparing for the seemingly inevitable breach. By investing in training, you are investing in the future of your business.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Utilizing collaboration correctly, is what makes topics like cyber security training and awareness effective.

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Derek White
Director of Business Development
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