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We help organizations secure their information systems while working alongside them to correctly build their network with information security and cyber security in mind.
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In today's technology-heavy environment, it is vital to understand and ensure that all your security assurances and technologies work in harmony to help with your decision-making strategies and make sure you meet your business objectives and security requirements. 

When you focus on your business's security architecture, you gain valuable insights and have a better overall view of your organization's electronic information security (IS) program. 

Depending on the complexity of your business enterprise today, or the one you plan to build in the future, you need to keep a laser focus on everything related to information security technology, including your existing internal IT infrastructure and your data and projects in the cloud. 

A business security architecture expert can help you simplify your complex digital environment while enhancing functionality. Reach out to our expert security architecture team to learn more and get started protecting your information systems. To schedule your free consultation with a cybersecurity expert at Beryllium InfoSec, call 763-546-8354.

What is Information Security Architecture and Design?

Security design and technology architecture is a systematic approach to identifying all relevant components of an IT system, including hardware, operating systems, and software security elements, to improve network security and security awareness to mitigate risks. The security infrastructure itself refers to the systems, processes, and tools already in place to prevent or mitigate any damage from data breaches or other attacks on IT systems. In contrast, the design refers to how each business's security systems and architectures are designed and built to support your business functions.

All types and sizes of organizations need to have such a security-enhanced system, and most do, whether they have intentionally designed one or not. Whether designed, optimized, or incidental, a security ecosystem organically develops as a business builds its IT system and information security program. Without working toward creating security-focused technology solutions, the risk of security gaps is real, leaving vulnerabilities in your network security that cybercriminals can use to break into your IT system and cause massive and costly damages that hamper your business needs.

There are three primary parts to the process: 

  1. Creating an inventory of hardware and software needed to maintain a secure computer system. 
  2. Examining the logical models needed to keep the IT system secure. 
  3. Executing a risk assessment to identify security threats and to determine and quantify how secure the system really is.

Information security architecture and design projects explore how information technology security controls and safeguards work when installed and implemented in IT systems to protect your data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability collected, used, processed, and stored in those IT systems. 

An information security architect works for and with you, providing a secure business environment for your data by focusing on risk management and deploying a security architecture process tailored to your business requirements, powered by informed people, streamlined processes, and top technology to minimize risks and reduce costs. 

Our security architecture framework team of professionals provides security services and solutions for sensitive and confidential IT systems and cloud computing environments while complying with critical regulatory requirements. We frequently cater to small to medium-sized Department of Defense (DoD) contractors who must comply with DFARS 252.204-7012 by implementing the 110 controls of NIST SP 800-171 because they handle Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). 

Beryllium's security professionals focus on designing a premier enterprise information security architecture (EISA) that supports a strong business strategy coupled with a security policy and IT programs geared toward fortifying your business's security and value. 

Identifying Your Specific Security Architecture Needs

We have found the best way to identify your specific IS segment architecture needs is through performing an initial assessment and analysis of your system. Understanding a business's data security needs requires identifying any underlying vulnerabilities, threats, and a list of all data assets that exist within the business environment's resources, various devices, and vendor relationships. 

Our security team believes in performing exhaustive security audits to search for any threat to your IT system and database. We search for threats as diverse as external firewall gaps and faults to malicious software and much more that might lie in areas such as computers, the network, or database layers. 

The goal of information security architecture and design is to identify all possible risks and, by doing so, determine the likelihood of a threat to each asset. With that information, a security expert can then calculate the cost of a lost or breached data asset to prioritize how to design your security solution.

Establishing an Enterprise Information Security Architecture

EISA's are the core properties and concepts within a system that serve to establish the system's intention, principles, and context that help IT teams make secure design choices. They reveal the system’s existing design and evolution to the current point-in-time with the embodied elements and help IT professionals understand what needs improvements. 

We can help you design an EISA plan that allows you to enhance your business's cybersecurity by ensuring that your network infrastructure responds in a precise way to threats and risks. Your EISAs can respond to various set scenarios, respond to inputs and interactions, and exhibit prescribed behaviors according to the external and internal environment. 

The Beryllium team uses a methodology and set of requirements, processes, principles, and models to help determine your organization's security components' and processes’ current behavior to make improvements to your information security systems, personnel interactions with your systems, and for all organizational departments to perform better and with improved cybersecurity.

We can help ensure that your information security resilience and system controls align with your company's core goals and strategic focus. Businesses today cannot afford to separate the value of IT security from overall business strategy, making EISA invaluable to your operations.

Our focus on EISA can help you maintain compliance in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and many other regulatory regulations, rules, policies, and standards. We take EISA’s design principles and apply them to your organization's IT system and critical data assets. 

Working With A Cyber Security Architecture Expert

Our team wants to get to know your current security architecture to help refine and improve to serve your needs and requirements for the optimal protection of your IT system and data assets. Essentially, we want to help you better manage your organization's IT security strategy and program. While you could do it all yourself, enterprise architecture is complex and requires that you take stock of everything from your existing IT architecture to any cloud services you use. 

Beryllium's experience in analyzing, assessing, and managing large and complex environments can help you tailor your security strategy to reduce security risk and improve operations.

Common cyber security support services may include: 

Security Architecture Review

We perform an in-depth assessment of your existing security infrastructure from endpoint security for every device to safeguarding data at rest. We review data extracted from multiple configurations, personnel interviews, reference notes from IT staff, and any other controls in your operating environment to determine the current condition or your IT system's security. 

Security Architecture Roadmap

Our certified team members establish a detailed path with a roadmap to implement the vital processes and technology you need to optimize your overall security practice and improve your business strategy.

Cyber Security Technology Research

Beryllium's cybersecurity experts search for the best technology to enhance and improve your security design requirements and make customized recommendations to help you choose the best tools to bolster your IT system's protection. 

Security Technology Design

We want to work with you to design your organization's security architecture and select any necessary technological tools to develop a partnership in integrating your overall, existing security program and your chosen design and technologies. Our goal is to help you have a firm grasp of your security architectural design. 

Security Technology Acquisition

Our team of certified IS professionals will guide you, offering insight and input to guide you in selecting the right technology solutions to suit your needs for security and enhanced business processes. 

Security Technology Implementation

We are here to implement your selected security design technology and install and configure it according to your organization's policies, systems, data, and other resources. 

How our Information Security Architects Can Help

The security architect team at Beryllium all hold top industry-recognized certifications and qualifications. Better still, we all have experience designing security environments to support and enable businesses to safeguard their IT systems and improve business processes to achieve overarching organizational goals. We seek to understand your system from our first encounters with it, gathering information as we go to allow us to design a security ecosystem uniquely your own and set to keep cybercriminals, hackers, and other system infiltrators out of your system and away from your data assets. 

We will send in our general security architects or technical specialists, per your request, to design and build detailed solutions based on your existing system and your goals. 

Explore some examples of what our security architect experts can do for you: 

  • Perform gap analysis and risk assessment of your existing security plan
  • Offer an independent validation and review of any proposed designs.
  • Provide network security and system infrastructure design plans 
  • Manage the implementation of the new security architecture design, managing project transitions, and system integrations
  • Give you a deeper understanding of the interdependencies throughout your business that rely on optimized security practices.
  • Develop a standardized security approach across your organization for better interactions and overall operations

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